Corporate Mission

GULF OIL International Worldwide Since 1901 GULF OIL International is one of the Worlds leading producers of petroleum products, operating in over 53 countries. Gulfs products are made in some of the world’s finest lubricating oil processing plants, most of ISO 9002 certified and working towards QS 9000 certification.

For nearly 100 years, GULF OIL has re-defined the way in which the world shops for oil. It is a journey that began on January 10, 1901, when GULF OIL drilled the world’s first high-volume oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, USA. Since then GULF has pioneered the world’s first drive-in gas station (In Pittsburgh, USA), pioneered the catalytic cracking technology that revolutionized the world lubricant industry and led the invention of the Polyalfaolefin, the synthetic lubricant molecule, The correct lubrication of the automobile engine requires expertise and experience. Far more is involved than simply filling the sump with a suitable lubricant and changing it at regular intervals. The development of Gulfs automotive product line stems from years of laboratory research and field testing which has resulted in a family of oils meeting advanced standards of performance in varied operating conditions. Gulfs automobile engine oils are backed by a comprehensive engineering program. It starts with the selection of the optimum lubricant for your operating requirements, continues with dependable experienced advice and results in maximum trouble-free engine operating life.